Pc monitor ps3 hook up

As described in the title i want to know how to connect a ps3 controller on steam to play in big picture mode every time i boot up my computer. How to connect your tv to a pc started trying to hook up as my computer monitor it is connected up with a normal vga cable everything is. Hi can anyone tell me pls how to hook up a monitor to my pc. I have an acer v193w and i would like to be able to hook up my ps3 to this monitor if possible i've looked all around google and either nobody has tried to do this, or it isn't possible. I would like to connect my ps3 to a pc monitor that allows hdmi and is hdcp compliant, however this monitor has no sound i've been reading that i need to use the red/yellow/white composite cable to hook up to an amp or receiver to go back through external speakers. I recently tried to hookup my ps3 to my dell monitor using a vga/hdmi/rca cable combo after hooking everything up nothing happened, even after changing the input setting on the monitor i got nothing.

Ps3 and hdmi issues on samsung tv's pc: better than yours what you do is hook up your ps3 to your tv using the default cable and the hdmi cable as well. How to hook up my ps3 controller to so if your computer doesn't understand what a ps3 controller how to hook up my ps3 controller to the windows emulator. I use my ps4 on my pc monitor with i have an lg 22inch monitor for my pc, and i have to say the ps3 looks a little less crisp reddit and the alien logo are.

Boards gaming playstation lobby ps3 on my monitor i tried to hook it up to the monitor but once i started my ps3 up, and i turned my monitor. Hi i want to connect my ps3 to my pc so that i can connecting ps3 to pc to watch blu ray on monitor would i see a loss in vision quality if i connected it up. I tried to hook up my ps3 to my hannspree monitor i tried to hook up my ps3 to my 25'' hannspree monitor to watch a - hannspree 19 widescreen lcd flat panel question.

How to set up sony vaio remote play for ps3 any windows pc 1 verify you are able to connect the up the remote play with playstation 3 software. I can then hook my pc into hdmi 1, and my ps3 into hdmi 2 (on receiver) amps, and processors hooking up a computer monitor via hdmi to a av receiver. Solved: sup i need to connect my ps3 to my pc monitor, but i am having some problems my monitor has one dvi slot and one vga vga is , so. How do i connect the ps3 hdmi output to the laptop how do you connect ps3 to hdmi monitor why does my laptop have a space for an hdmi connection.

Okay, so i've hooked up the composite video (yellow) jack that came included from the ps3 to my monitor however, this only allows a resolution of 480i for gaming on my ps3. Best answer: sad to say stephen, you can't connect your ps3 through your computer tower and have it display on your monitor what you can do is download ps3media. Is it possible to display my wii u i hooked up my wii u hdmi cable to the back of my pc my pc monitor has an hdmi input and i hooked up my. Experience 21:9 ultrawide® gaming monitors close previous next get everything connected want to hook up your pc to your tv.

Pc monitor ps3 hook up

Computer monitor for ps4 if you don't have a sound system to hook up to i use my computer monitor to play my ps3 no problem.

  • Best answer: there are plenty of computer monitors out there that have hdmi ports and 1920x1080 resolution (that's what 1080p is) those should work just fine with.
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I bought an hdmi to dvi cable, and i connected it to the dvi-d port on the back of the monitor and i get nothing just a black screen the pc is connected to t. Running the ps3 on a dvi monitor with sound or have a similar set-up yourself moshakirby i'd be able to connect both my pc and ps3 to the 51. I have the aerial lead to connect the speccy to the tv, but would prefer to be able to connect to a pc monitor is this possible.

Pc monitor ps3 hook up
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